Saturday, November 5, 2022

OMG--Tea Party

As the saying goes, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!"  I am really late as it has been several years since I have joined the linky OMG party at Elm Street Quilts.  When I sort of kept up in the past I seemed to get more done and I am going to try to do so again.  So here goes!  

My one monthly goal for Novenber is going to be to work on my Tula Pink Mad Hatter's Tea Party quilt. I loved the quilt from the moment I saw it and it took me almost a year to order the kit because I had to "think" about it as I don't usually order kits as they seem to not get done.  I have been working on it off and one since February.  

I have the teapots, cups and hats done and just need to make way for the mouse, which is so darn cute, and the rabbit.  I would also like to get the top assembled as well but we will see.  

And I need to finish the mouse and start on the rabbit.

The last time I was in London, which was forever ago in 2012, I convinced my friend to go to the high tea at the Sanderson Hotel as they have an Alice in Wonderland themed HighTea.  She thought I was nuts and I had to drag her kicking and screaming to the tea, lol.  I love high teas!   I couldn't find my photos so I am sharing what we had from the book Tea & Cake which is where I learned of some wonderful bakeries in London.

Lastly, as a child at Christmas I used to watch the 1933 version of Alice in Wonderland and as you can see it apparently left quite an impression on me.

Today, I am linking up with everyone at Elm Street Quilts for the November OMG.  Click on this link below to see what everyone is working on and then be sure to visit at the end of the month to see all of the beautiful accomplishments.  



Sunday, March 6, 2022

RSC Sunny Yellow

 Angela picked a perfect color this month as I was able to make a Sunflower block to show my support for Ukraine.  Lella Boutique provided a pretty pattern and after a long search for Sunflower blocks I decided it was the one I wanted to make.  Her block is 12" and I wanted a bigger block so I enlarged the pattern so it measures 24".  I am pleased how well it turned out and am trying to decide if I want to make a few more.  Surprisingly I don't have a ton of yellow scraps but I will make do if I move forward.

It is a very windy day today and even though I used cloths pins to hang this block I didn't need them as the wind secured it to the pen.  

I did make a few more cats in last month's ocean colors to add to my clowder of cats.

That's it for today folks.  Thanks for all your sweet comments and for the first time ever I ended up getting some spam comments.  Go figure. Check out what other bright and sunny projects everyone else is working on this month at the Rainbow Scrapy Challenge.



Saturday, February 12, 2022

Scrap Happy Saturday--Many Months Later

It has been quite some time since I have posted anything!  Life and laziness have gotten in the way and I am trying to get back in the groove.  

One of the distractions I have had over the past year is this guy, Barley.  He is super sweet but has so much energy and is easily distracted.  Young Golden's are a lot of work!  Over the last year we have been working on fine-tuning obedience and hoping to get certified as a therapy dog team and we were successful.  Barley adores people but has started to have barking issues with other dogs and that won't work for a therapy dog.  I don't know what we are going to do as we move forward and only time will tell.  I just know there will be a lot more work in our future which seems to be never ending.  

I really love all things turquoise so I was excited to work on some blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in ocean colors.  I finished up blocks for my butterfly quilt and should be able to move these blocks forward when the mood strikes.

I also stitched a couple of baskets.

Let's hope my distractions are kept at a minimum and I can get back to working on so many scrappy projects that I have started over the past couple of years.  

It is always great fun to see what everyone is up to at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so why not check it out.



Saturday, April 24, 2021

Last Scrap Happy Saturday of April

Wow, this month has flown by!  That can be a good thing or a bad thing, lol!  I did get a little sewing done.  I also helped a friend clean out her neighbors' house in preparation of selling it.  When helping downsize it makes you realize how much "stuff" you have and I ended up taking a couple of  bags to the Volunteers of America which made me feel good but I need to do more.

I made a few blue kitties with a UK theme in memory of Prince Philip and his passing.  They are not really light or bright but they are blue!

I also decided it was time to work on a hankie quilt as I have quite a few hankies that were my mom's and grandmother's.  My mom will turn 90 this year and she gave me the hankies years ago and I think it is finally time.  I soaked the hankies in Retro Clean to get out any spots and now am appliqueing them to a white background.  I oversized the squares so I can trim them down once they are all sewn.  The largest hankie is around 17" square so all of my backgrounds are made to accommodate that particular hankie.  Time will tell if it all works out and these are blue!

In February I made a hankie memory quilt for a friend of mine.  She had her mom and grandmother's hankies for years and hadn't done anything with them and I volunteered to do something with them and in the end she was thrilled.

I had a lot of fun working on her hankie quilt even with all of the pressure to do something nice.

In January I decided to buy a Bernina Q-16 and it was delivered in February so my friend's memory quilt was my first quilt on the Bernina.  I should add that I LOVE my Q-16!  My previous machine was a Bailey Home Quilter and I used it but didn't love it so all in all it was such a good decision to upgrade.  Here is my almost 19 year old cat, Flash, who must love my Bernina too as she never "bothered" me when I quilted on the Bailey but she adores the Bernina.  We are definitely Bernina girls!

I also decided to start yet another quilt--crazy!  Since travel is out of the question right now and I don't see myself traveling for quite some time--thanks pandemic and I assume costs will be prohibitive once we can travel.  I decided to make a word travel memory quilt.  I don't know where it will go but I have lots of ideas--most of them are from traveling in France or French pastries.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try to make eclairs and they actually turned out!  The worst part is I had to eat almost all of them as my hubby isn't fond of them.  So sad, lol!  Now I wonder why my scale seems to be weighing a bit heavy.  I know, the photo isn't really "pretty" or instagram worthy but I think I was in a hurry to indulge!

Finally, I made a Union Jack quilt block--I love Union Jacks and am always on the look out for the perfect block.  It was a bit square for me so I added some words to make a wall hanging.  Are you shocked at the words I chose, lol!

I think that is all for now. Thank goodness for Angela and all the folks who link up for Scrap Happy Saturday as it is such fun to see what everyone is up to and it is also so nice to meet so many wonderful quilters from around the world!  



Saturday, April 3, 2021

Bright and Light Blue April

I actually got a few blue kitties and hearts done for the first weekend in April!  The light blue is very light and might be difficult to see in the photo.  

When I logged on to blogger today I had a notice that, according to Google, by law Google had to have my birthdate, what?  So I made one up, so there Google!  I made myself oh so much younger too.

Does anyone know what happened to Kevin the Quilter?  I used to read his blog and about a year ago he quilt blogging due to changes with blogger.  I bet it wasn't about his birthdate but I could be wrong.  I miss reading his posts and hope all is well with him and his family.

I am linking up with everyone and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Happy Easter and Cheers!


Sunday, March 21, 2021

RSC March Green

March is turning out to be a much better month for me as I am actually getting a few things made,  I really enjoyed working on green blocks this month.  I also said I wasn't starting anymore new projects, lol!  With that said, I have wanted to make some kitty blocks and decided to go for it.  

Aren't they cute?  These little kitties measure 3" x 4 1/2" unfinished so they were lots of fun to sew.  Here is a kitten with some microspools!  Yes, I am still working on microspools but haven't sewn any for quite some time.  My spools measure 1 1/2" square and the pattern can be found on Sally's blog The Objects of Design.

My mom always asks me what am I going to do with this or that when I share something I am working on.  She doesn't understand the need to just enjoy the process no matter where it takes me.  I have no idea where the kitties or the microspools will go but I am enjoying the ride!

I also appliqued a few hearts.

And pieced a sage-green butterfly.  I may be able to wrap this quilt top up this year!

We are having a bit of nice weather this weekend and I need to get outside and clean up my hydrangea's.  I always wait too long to hack them back so this year I am on it!  Before I head out I am linking up with everyone at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.



Sunday, February 28, 2021

Scrap Happy Sunday

January and February flew by without me doing much of anything and I have been in a bit of a funk.  The weather has pretty much been crap all month and that certainly affected my attitude on getting anything done along with the never-ending covid drama.  It seems like the days fly by and I can't figure out what I did all day long.  I am looking forward to March and maybe nicer weather.

Anyway, my RSC has been simplified this year.  I have some small projects to work on along with a couple of past projects as well. Last year, Canadian Needle Nana and Michele Ridgeway Designs worked on little appliqued heart blocks and I decided I wanted to make some as well and decided the hearts will be one RSC project for the year.

I am continuing on with Basket Case blocks that Michele Ridgeway Designs shared last year.  They are fun to do but I have no idea what direction I will eventually go.

French Roses are still in the pile of projects to work on too as well as some butterfly blocks that need some attention.

I think that's all for this year so far.  I have my fingers crossed I will get a little more productive as time goes on.  Almost forgot, I am linking up with everyone at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Sheesh!