Friday, September 14, 2012

A Challenge

My raffle quilt block was turned in at quilt guild along with about 34 other blocks so it sounds like we have a great start on our quilt.  We are also having a quilt challenge and kits were passed out.  February is my challenge and the fabric provided will give me lots of options.

I have started thinking about what I want to do and right now I'm thinking about wonky LOVE letters with perhaps some flowers as a border.  Who knows what I'll come up with in the end though as there is still tons of time left to work on it.

Yesterday was my niece's birthday and I sent her a birthday cake!  What a delightful and fun pattern this was to work on and it went together so easily.  It looks a bit wonky here because I laid it on the ground to take a photo but it really does lay nice and straight.  The pattern is called Cake Walk and is from Bee In My Bonnet.  The pattern also comes with a wonderful lemon cake recipe and I made that as well awhile back and it was delicious.

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