Sunday, January 26, 2020

Last Green Saturday on Sunday

Whew, just made it in time for the first month of RSC on the last Sunday.  I am almost finished with my cake quilt and then I am going to have to do some applique before I can put it all together and get ready for the border.

I have also decided to work on some existing projects.  I think I started these projects about 10 years ago based on the date on my printed instructions.  The RSC might be perfect to move these along.  Up first is Happy Scrappy Houses by Bonnie Hunter.

Spools that I started about the same time as Happy Scrappy Houses and it looks like they were a Debbie Mum pattern.

Finally, butterflies!  Not an unfinished project but one that I am starting, lol!  I am attending a retreat next month and needed something somewhat mindless to work on and I think this might be it.  Butterfly Town is the pattern for this big butterfly.

I also tried a Pattern Basket Butterfly and I had a few issues with it but may try again.  As you can see I should have oriented the bottom wing differently.  Naturally I didn't see it until I took my photo so it looks like I need to get out the seem ripper.

Finally, I hope to be back blogging every now and then as my health issues worked out for the better.  I had a surgical procedure the same week this little guy came into my life and has pretty much consumed a huge amount of time and I wondered if I would every be able to sew again.  Meet Barley, a Golden/Great Pyr mix.

I haven't had a puppy in about 12 years and now I think what was I thinking!!!  We have taken training classes at Petsmart which were fabulous but you have to practice and I am not the best at doing it consistently.  My beloved cats think I am nuts and wonder what I did as well.  I am hopeful he will settle down eventually and be a big, lazy, mellow dog. One can only hope.



Sunday, October 6, 2019

Chocolate Cake

The colors this month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge are brown, black or gray.  My first thoughts were hmmmm not sure what I am going to do and then it hit me--Chocolate!  Brown is not a color I often use but when I think of it as chocolate it is so much more appreciated and used.  With that said, here is my chocolate cake--it looks a bit wonky but that is how my cakes turn out anyway so it is perfect.
I also think pink and chocolate are wonderful colors when used together so it seemed a natural to me.

I missed posting in August and September for a variety of reasons but I tried to keep up a bit.  Here are a few purple microspools that I did get done but didn't get posted.

I know I made some bright blue microspools but it appears I didn't take a photo of them so instead I will show you a cake I made that has a bright blue stand.

Hmmm, hard to tell from the photo it is bright blue, and once again wonky, but it really is bright blue, and the ribbon is the French flag.  Also, you may have noticed that I had a lot of posts about French related things this past year and you guessed it, I went to France in September and getting ready certainly impacted my sewing, however, it didn't impact my baking!  In preparation I had to make some baguettes.

 Yum!  My friends love them and my travel friend thinks they are as good as what we get in France which is quite a compliment.

Yesterday I took yet another baking class.  These classes are such fun and they are addicting!  Buttercream and Olive Oil had a class on biscuits and I had to take it.  We made biscuits which was fun and something I have done over the years but we also made butter and buttermilk!  What fun and oh so yummy.  I didn't take a photo of the butter because, well, it is butter, but oh so good.  Here are my biscuits-yum!

In November I am signed up to take a yeast bread class so stay tuned.

Finally, I want to thank The Joyful Quilter, Jeanne, Susie H and Jenny for their wonderful and encouraging comments from July.  I apologize for not getting back to them as I always try to thank those who comment.  I am not sure how much I am going to be able to sew, bake or post as some medical issues have come my way.  In the meantime, I will do what I can to keep up as I plan on trying a new baked good tomorrow and who knows maybe I will take a photo of those bright blue microspools so stay tuned.



Tuesday, July 30, 2019

OMG July Finish

July? What happened to June, lol!  Even though I didn't link up for the July setting goal my July goal was the same as my June goal and that was to quilt my French Tea Towel.

Here is a close up of those delicious pastries.  I have tried almost all of them!

I needed to get my tea towel quilted for our guild's mid-July quilt show and I made it.  In the end I was quite happy with my quilting because that is always a challenge on my machine.  I must confess the issues are usually not with my machine but with me--imagine that! 

Here are the pastries I made over the weekend in the Buttercream & Olive Oil pastry class that I took.  Not the prettiest photos but most were absolutely delicious.

I will be making Eclairs/Pate a Choux and Cannele again but Madeleine's and Navette's were not to my liking. 

Let's hope I can get back in the sewing room in August and have a goal and actually link up at the end of August as well.

Why not hop on over to Elm Street Quilts and see what everyone else got done in July!.



Sunday, July 28, 2019


I love pink, especially hot pink, and I certainly enjoyed working on a few pink blocks this month.  Unfortunately June and July have been incredibly busy, and hot, which doesn't bid well for sewing.

I would have loved to make many more pink microspools but it just didn't happen.  Here are the few I did get done.

I also managed to get two pink cakes baked.

I love those lime roses but sewing them on the cake and then adding side strips was a bit challenging.  Speaking of cakes, I have been taking baking classes from Buttercream & Olive Oil and made a Brown Butter cake that is iced to match my lime trim.

Amazing and scrummy, as Mary Berry of The Great British Baking Show would say.  I loved this class.  Yesterday I took two more French pastry classes and the results were once again quite yummy.

A day late, but I am linking up with everyone at RSC Last Pink Weekend.  I am really sad to say goodbye to pink but look forward to a new color.



Thursday, June 6, 2019

OMG June

Once again I am going to try to set a goal and accomplish it by the end of the month so I can link up with everyone at OMG Elm Street Quilts.  I kinda got off track the past two months and I am hopeful that things will be better this month. 

My goal is to get this tea towel quilted.  I purchased the towel in Paris two years ago and was going to frame it but after pondering it forever I decided quilting it made much more sense. 

As you can see I have it ready to baste and then on to machine quilting which is always an adventure.  Wish me good quilting karma.



Sunday, June 2, 2019

Blame it on Rocketman!

Today I embraced the color blue as it is this month's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I always get excited to see what the "new" color will be each month and this month I wasn't disappointed and jumped right on a blue cake and a few microspools.

The cake pattern is from Lori Holt/Bee in My Bonnet and the microspool pattern is compliments of Sally at The Objects of Design.

My inspiration for today's sewing was the movie Rocketman which is a musical based on Elton John's life.  I loved it! 

I also worked on a few more orange microspools as well as a few "regular" sized spools which is an ongoing Bonnie Hunter project that doesn't get much attention.

There is still one more cake that needs to be made this month as my goal is to make two a month and more microspools too.



Sunday, May 12, 2019

Let Them Eat Orange Cake!

Orange is one of those colors you either love or are not wild about.  Normally it is not a color I go to but when I use it I enjoy it and often think I should make an effort to use it more often.  I have found that I absolutely love orange and pink together--who knew!

My RSC is to make two cakes a month and some microspools in the selected color and at the end of the year I will have enough cakes to make a quilt and enough microspools to know that I need more and more.  I actually made this orange cake about two years ago and thought I would get right on making more and I never did so I was one cake ahead this month.

The only cake that has a topper so far.  Here is my second cake.

I also made a few microspools.

This one came out sorta cute and even has cat hair to go along with it.

Some of spools are kinda wonky even after a little trim and in the end I don't know if they will make the cut.

Check out what everyone else is doing with orange at RSC-Scrappy Saturday.