Saturday, August 4, 2018

OMG--Christmas in August?

Wow, I can hardly believe a month has gone by and it is time to grab a project for Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal August Linkup.  I should have grabbed this project last month so I could have had Christmas in July.

I will be working on a wall hanging that I started last year and had planned on having it done for Christmas but that didn't happen.  The pattern is Candy Cane from Country Threads.
I decided I didn't want to try to applique the two colors and found a stripe I really liked.  I had to chuckle when a friend of mine was surprised with my color choice of pink and bright green.  I know it isn't the traditional Christmas colors but it goes well with my pink Christmas tree.
My goal this month is to finish machine quilting and bind my quilt.  I see a theme here as I seem to have quite a few projects that never quite get to the machine quilting part.  Thank goodness for OMG!

Visit Elm Street Quilts OMG August Goal to see what everyone else is up to. Sorry my link doesn't show up in a bright/different color but I have no idea why I can't seem to get it changed to another color. 



Monday, July 30, 2018

One Monthly Goal July Finish Party

I actually completed my monthly goal and it was so rewarding!  I finished machine quilting wavy lines on my Union Jack Quilt and bound it. 

Here is my finished quilt.
Here is a close-up of my wavy quilting.  I had a few hiccups with the lines but not bad for my first attempt at waves.

By the way, it is the white fabric that I am not wild about as it is a white on white cat fabric and those cats are pretty big and harder to quilt through.  I hate hearing my needle punch through it.

Of course I had help with the process.

My participation in One Monthly Goal was a huge success. 

Visit Elm Street Quilts-One Monthly Goal July Finish to see what everyone else completed.  Now on to next month's project.



Friday, July 6, 2018

One Monthly Goal

Wow, it has been a long time since I have shared anything.  To help me get things moving along I thought I would participate in One Monthly Goal hosted by Elm Street Quilts OMG July

I made this Union Jack quilt to try out a pattern from Lily's Quilts in 2012 and it has sat since then. I don't like the fabrics I used and I think that is why it has sat for so long.  My plan is to finish the curvy line quilting and get it bound by the end of the month!

See you at the end of July!



Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pets on Quilts!

It is once again time for the fabulous Pets on Quilts show hosted by Lilypad Quilting!

Not much quilting, blogging or photographing has gone on this year but I did get a chance to finish piecing my Quiltville mystery quilt, Allietare, this year.

Red insisted I enter his photo in the cats on quilts category and how could I resist? 

And my finished top.

Be sure to visit all of the beautiful entries at Lilypad Quilting.  
Thanks for visiting!



Friday, May 19, 2017

Marie Webster Mash-Up

Our quilt guild is having a show in July and of course there is a quilt show challenge.  The title of our show is "Quilts are Homemade" and we were required to put a house somewhere on our quilt.  We were also required to use homespun fabric somewhere in the quilt.  I wanted to do something that felt French-inspired and included cats!  

I searched for patterns and eventually decided on doing applique Iris' to represent the fleur-de-lis and landed on patterns by Marie Webster.  Her iris was perfect with a slight modification as I didn't want to spend forever appliqueing all those tiny bits and pieces.  My eyes and hands aren't what they used to be! 

My house is a free pattern from Le Rouvray and I modified it to suit my purposes too.  The homespun component is my roof--I might add that I really hate homespun so that alone was a challenge to include in any of my quilts.  The little window boxes were cut from fabric I purchased in Pairs last year.  I was thrilled to be able to use it on this project.  Of course there are cats in each window!

In the end I was quite pleased how the quilt turned out.  I did try a different approach to applique as I typically do a traditional needle turn technique where I baste all of the pieces beforehand but this time I tried back-basting and I really liked it!  I just may do a little more applique now.



Thursday, February 16, 2017

Le Progres En Provence

During the holidays I tried to work on En Provence along with everyone else but you know how it goes.  My progress has been exceedingly slow and I was having a few issues with my color choice, which were the same as Bonnie's, and I realized I don't like yellow and green together--crazy!  Now if it is an appliqued flower or something along those lines I am just fine with it but for some reason in a pieced quilt it doesn't suit me.

After much thought and shuffling of fabrics I realized I needed to make En Provence my own and use the colors that work for me.  I swapped yellow for turquoise/aqua/teal and the green is now lime or some bright variation.  I am so happy with the results.  The colors remind me of Easy Street which I just love!
Here is a close up of my favorite part so far.  Hello Kitty!
I have decided to use my Eiffel Tower black and white fabric along with my magenta as a constant.  I know it isn't the south of France but I do love Paris and I have to include it.

Love to see some fabulous finished quilts along with other works in progress?  Then quickly click on En Provence, A Quiltville Mystery to see what everyone is up to.

By the way, I am absolutely loving all of the borders that folks are putting on their quilts.



Monday, December 26, 2016


My how things change when you don't post anything!  Windows 10 has driven me nuts with the changes in the way my photos are managed.  Okay, I don't like change when it comes to doing things on the computer!  So let's see if I can get a photo to post, here goes.
Well call me lucky because today I was actually able to load a photo!  Three weeks ago I couldn't and who knows what tomorrow will bring.  As you can see I am dabbling in En Provence the mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter.  Perhaps by the end of the week I can figure out were a few more of my photos went and I can actually link-up with the rest of the world.