Sunday, May 31, 2020

OMG and Slow Stitching Sunday

My monthly goal for May was to get my cakes sewn together and I did get it done.  Yippee!!!  This morning I thought I might start on the borders and I hit one of my ribbons with the hot iron and melted some of the words on it, well shoot now what? Set it aside for awhile and ponder it.  Thankfully the cake is on the edge and I could take it all apart and replace the ribbon.  As I said yesterday, I do love to rip things apart but usually other peoples' quilt projects.  Time will tell.

Here is my ironing error.  What are the odds if I replace the ribbon I won't hit it again, lol!

Speaking of ripping out stuff I decided to change the flower at the top of one of my cakes.  In the end I just didn't like the daffodil and went with the daisy. From this:

To this, which is so much better.

After the ironing fiasco I rethought what I wanted to work on today.  I seem to be tired and maybe a slow stitching day is what I really need and my plan is to get back to those little Basket Case baskets.

Here are what I have so far.

Today I am doing two link ups!  My cakes met my OMG May goal and I am linking up with everyone at Elm Street Quilts OMG Goal Finish.  Since I decided to take it slow this afternoon I am linking up with Slow Stitching Sunday at Kathy's Quilts.



Saturday, May 30, 2020

Scrap Happy Dark Green Saturday

Surprisingly, I worked on a dark green project this month that I didn't anticipate working on.  Last year I purchased a wall quilt at our July quilt show Second Time Around Shop where a lot of the items for sale were from a quilter who had passed away.   The quilt top was completely done and the quilter had started to hand quilt it. Our quilt show was almost over and no one was interested in the little quilt--even me!  At the last minute I decided to buy it and see where it took me.

I immediately took the quilt apart and set it aside to rework at a later date.  Fast forward until this month and I noticed the little trees sitting in a pile on a shelf.  Oh wow, perfect for dark green May.  Sadly, I didn't take a photo of the quilt before I started ripping but you can get an idea of what it looked like only with white sashing between the trees. 

You may notice only half a tree on the bottom corner and I took the block apart to use as my pattern.  For some reason I had a hard time wrapping my head around the size of the pieces I needed and having those little pieces helped plus I knew I wasn't going to add that particular tree back in as I didn't want a red and dark green tree.

Here is a block of how the quilter marked the pieces which is old school.  It is the way I learned to piece around 1979 too so I felt a kinship with her.

I made several additional brighter dark green trees and am going to add them to the mix. Merlin likes to help arrange the blocks.

No further progress has been made but I am pretty happy with the addition of the brighter trees.  I used the sashing to make my brighter trees and there isn't any left and I am not sure I will add any when I assemble the top.  Borders?  Not sure what I am going to do there either but I did find a nice fabric with pine cones and Cardinals that I thought might work but these blocks need to set around for a little while so I can ponder their future.

Angela has declared June pink month and I am in heaven as I adore pink.  In the meantime, I am linking up with everyone Scrap Happy Saturday.



Saturday, May 9, 2020

Scrap Happy Saturday Darker Green

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color this month is dark green.  Dark green isn't one of my favorite colors but I did find some fabric that I thought I would enjoy working with this month.

A few weeks ago Canadian Needle Nana posted a link to Michele Ridgeway Designs for some cute little baskets, called Basket Case, and I thought why not!  I printed the pattern and made a block and it just seemed too big and then I realized I forgot to adjust my printer setting and once I did it was perfect.  Basket case on an 8 inch background and a 6.5 inch background which is what I wanted.

At first I thought I might make my baskets in all cats but then I found so many fun novelty prints that I have never used and they will make great baskets. 

My butterfly collection is also growing.  The green in this block isn't really a dark green but I like it and enjoyed making a green butterfly with it so why not.  I won the fabrics as a door prize at the February quilt retreat and really wanted to use them.

Why not join Angela and everyone else over at Scrap Happy Saturday to see lots of green projects in the making.



Tuesday, May 5, 2020

OMG May Goal

My goal this month is to finish up the applique flowers on the Cake Walk quilt and get the blocks sewn together.  I need to think about the border so it probably won't get put on this month but I am making progress! 

I may need to make an adjustment on this flower as I see it isn't quite centered. So much for just eyeballing it, lol, a picture really does tell the story!

Today I am joining the linky party with everyone at Elm Street Quilts



Thursday, April 30, 2020

OMG Cherry on Top

My goals for this month were to work on applique embellishments for my Cake Walk (Lori Holt pattern) quilt blocks.  I needed to applique hearts, cherries, and flowers on each cake and I did get all of the hearts and cherries done! 

Sorry the photos are a little dark but it has been wet and dismal around here and it was the best I could do at the time.  It's funny, I dreaded thinking about appliqueing those cherries and in the end I really enjoyed working on them.

Today I am linking up with everyone for the April OMG finish.  I am also going to visit my parents as it is my dad's 90th birthday! 



Saturday, April 25, 2020

Scrap Happy Saturday

I wish I could say I got a lot of blue projects done this month but I didn't.  Here are a few projects that I worked on.

Bunnies that are part of a lap quilt.  I am patiently waiting on some border fabric from Connecting Threads and once I get it I will share the quilt top.  I hope to get it to someone to quilt so I can move it along soon.

Yes, those are Cadbury bunnies from a long time ago.  Cadbury creme eggs were something I used to look forward to at Easter. 

I also got a couple of French Flowers prepped and are ready for some hand sewing. 

Once again I have been baking.  I have tried to make Kouign Amann a couple of times and have been somewhat successful but I am still tweeking things.  I need to do a better job at watching the time in the oven as my last attempt got a little crispier than I had intended.  These hadn't been flipped over and so they look better than once they were flipped.  Yum! 

I haven't shown this before and since it is a bright blue I thought I would go ahead and share it.  In February a friend really wanted a cupcake for her birthday.  The problem was she is on a diet so I made her a mug rug.  She was delighted.

So much fattening food during our stay at home order that I decided to live on the edge this weekend and not bake and actually get outside and get some much needed exercise.  Yesterday and today have been lovely and oh so needed. 

I am really enjoying being apart of Scrap Happy Saturday and am linking up with everyone today.  Thanks Angela for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge as it is great fun to see what everyone is working on.



Monday, April 6, 2020

OMG April Goal Setting

There are so many projects that could be candidates for an OMG April Link-Up but right now I need to work on projects that I can accomplish in a short amount of time--not much thinking required.  I really need to start machine quilting a few projects but then I would have to fiddle with the tension on my machine and that just makes my head hurt! 

My goal this month is work on my Cake Walk (a Lori Holt pattern) quilt blocks as they need bits appliqued on top of most of the cakes.  Hearts, cherries and flowers are what are on tap this month. 



Still pondering my flowers. 

As a distraction I decided to make croissant dough yesterday and this morning I shaped and baked them.  This recipe doesn't make a lot but I was able to make a few regular croissants as well as Pain Au Chocolat, yum!

Shaped and ready to proof.

Baked!  You can see I had to have the smallest one immediately.  I really need to do a better job shaping them.  Looks like I have an excuse to try another batch soon. 

Back to sewing!