Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Opportunity Quilt

A few months ago I posted a photo of a block I made for our quilt guild's opportunity quilt for 2013.  At our meeting on Monday the completed quilt was shown to the guild.  The block I made actually made it into the quilt which was very nice especially since there were many blocks completed and turned in.  I attempted a quick photo of the quilt while it was laying on a table with a crowd of people around it so the photo isn't that great but you get the idea. 

Now look way in the back, upper right hand corner and use your magnifying glass where you'll find my block.  I believe my block is called Hour Glass III and it was one of the easier blocks to do.

I'm taking a break from Easy Street this week but hope to get back to it in a few days.  I also need to get started on my challenge piece for the quilt guild as well.  So much to do and so little time! 



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