Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Street Cat Named Bob

I can't believe I haven't posted a thing for a couple of weeks!  Life has just been too busy and that means no sewing.  Thankfully things are slowing down just a bit so I should be able to get back to a little sewing and have something to share in a few days.  

Even if I don't have time to sew I still have a little time each evening to do a little reading and I thought I would share a wonderful book I just finished called A Street Cat Named Bob.  I first learned about this book from Your Cat magazine where I read an article about a London street performer and his cat, Bob.  When I visited London in September I picked up a copy of the book and I finally got around to reading it.  I've been reading too many detective/crime novels here lately and I needed something a bit different and this book was purrfect.

I hope you enjoy the video and consider picking up your very own copy as it is a delightful story.




  1. I saw a man on a metro in Paris with a cat riding his shoulder. first, ouch! but how the heck was that cat just staying with him? all of mine would bolt in a heartbeat... there's such a thing as too many detective novels?

  2. You should try reading "The Norton Trilogy" can get it on Alibris for next to nothing and it's a dandy of a novel (or 3) about a cat and his guy who travel to Paris and lOts of other places together. There's some fluff and not the best written book, but if you love cats and love to read, you'll know how to skim
    Out the fluff. I loved it and bought a few extra copies for cat friends


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