Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rose Colored Glasses

Last week I went into our local antique shop just to see if they had any vintage sewing machines and they did not.  I did happen upon a embroidered pink and white quilt top that I liked as I have had a thing for pink and white quilts for awhile.  The top wasn't very expensive and at first glance it looked like it was in decent shape so I bought it.  

Apparently I had my rose colored glasses on when I looked at the top and only saw one place where it was coming apart and I thought I could fix that without any problems.  Once home I discovered all kinds of problems including a little hole in one of the blocks--sigh.  I decided to frog stitch the entire quilt and patch the hole.  

Here is the block with the hole above the embroidery.
The quilt top was hand pieced and I thought it would be a breeze to take apart but who would have thought the quilter would have sewn two lines of hand stitching on each and every block!

I have the quilt completely apart now and have patched the little hole as well.  I purchased some pink polka-dot fabric to use as stashing and now all I need to do is take some time to put it back together again.  Had I realized how much work this little top was going to take I am sure I would have folded up and put it right back on the shelf.  Note to self, be sure to remove rose colored glasses when looking in antique stores.



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