Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Big Reveal

Bonnie shared "The Big Reveal" of Celtic Solstice on January 1st and it was very exciting to see the finished quilt.  I wish I could say I had a big reveal to share but right after my holiday company left our whole household came down with the creeping crud.  I did get this done--LOL!
Yep, printing off the instructions for the last clue; however, a few days ago I did actually sit at my machine and finished this one unit.
After taking this photo I noticed the little yellow triangle does not come to a point.  It is a good thing there is a frog in the block since the frog-stitch will come into play sometime this weekend if it really bothers me that much.

I also spent a little time sewing one whole block because I happened to have the pieces and parts available to make one!
I still have lots to do on each step of Celtic Solstice and then I will need to make all of the blocks.  Speaking of blocks, I think I am going with the alternate setting for my quilt as I really do love the star block, plus I just may make mine a queen size too.  Let's hope I can get it all done before the next linky-party.

Coconut says she is more than ready for me to start sewing again.
Take a look at all of the unbelievable progress that everyone has made on Celtic Solstice.  



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  1. I like your fun fabric choices! Hope you're feeling better.


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