Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grand Illusion Progress?

Today is the last day to link up with Bonnie at Quiltville and the all of those who worked on Grand Illusion.  I haven't made hardly any progress since I first started the mystery.  I have quite a few of one part done and none of most of the others.  However, I did get around to making at least one block.
I like the pattern Bonnie created for our mystery, but I am not sure if or when I will get back to working on it because I keep getting distracted.

Fellow quilt guild member, Jeanne from Pinehurst Projects, happened to mention Bonnie's Wild & Goosey blocks that were showing up on Facebook and of course I had to search the pattern out.  Naturally I had the magazine that the pattern was published in at one time; however, it was the same issue with Lazy Sunday and since I purchased Bonnie's book that had Lazy Sunday in it I no longer needed the issue.  Or so I thought!  Thank goodness Wild & Goosey is available online so I could at least give it a try.
Paper-piecing is not my favorite thing so I am not sure how many of these cute little blocks I will make.  These particular blocks were made using bits and pieces I had stored in my "maybe I'll be able to use these pieces for something someday" box. 

While I was making the UK inspired blocks I thought about the spool blocks that I had started awhile back and wanted to be sure to make a few blocks from the UK fabric as well.  There was barely any fabric left so I was lucky to have a little to make a couple of spool blocks.
Hmmm, I really love making those spool blocks.  I fell in love with the Bonnie's pattern Spoolin' Around from the book More Leaders and Enders and am determined to make a quilt from that particular pattern.

Before the holidays I had started working on a turquoise and black and white Pineapple Blossom and did get the top finished after the holidays.  Not much progress on it though until this weekend when I was able to measure and sew the backing together on my vintage Singer 301 which I recently picked up at my local Volunteers of America for a mere $40.
Goodness I sure enjoyed going vintage and I am determined to take the time to do so every now and then.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little distracted sewing world.  I do read your comments even though I don't always get around to thanking you individually which is my bad.



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