Monday, December 10, 2012

Clue 3 of Easy Street

Does anyone else feel like Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson while working on Easy Street?   All of the clues and the mystery is just so exciting!

I was able to work on Clue 3 of Easy Street this weekend and all went fairly well; however, I really must read instructions and not just glance over them and assume I know what I'm doing.  You see, like a couple of other folks that are working on the mystery I used both rulers and was surprised when my turquoise/teal triangle didn't match up with it's other half--what?  It ended up working out just fine though as this is probably the first time I decided to make a sample block--see I did actually read some of Bonnie's instructions.

Here are the results of my work this weekend after I reread the instructions--LOL!

After posting this photo I realized I didn't do a great job at lining the little blocks up so they all faced the same way, oh well you get the idea.

Whenever I sew I always have a cat or two supervising my activities and this time was no exception.  Guinness loves attention and wants to sit on my lap when I sew so I tried to get a photo of him helping me with my blocks.  It is really hard to try to take a photo at such an awkward angle.

As you can tell I love cats and quilting and I always try to incorporate some type of cat print in my quilts.  This time I was able to use several prints as my grey constant is a fabric called "Fur" and I've used a few other novelty prints as well.

Tonight's our quilt guild meeting and it will be interesting to see if anyone is playing along with Easy Street.   Are you still just thinking about joining the fun?  Take the plunge and join us on Easy Street .




  1. Looking good! The excitement of the mystery builds!!

  2. Sometimes my cat makes it hard for me to sew. He carries stuff off from my sewing cabinet and loves to rolls spools of thread across the room. But, he's a good inspector. Your blocks are looking fun!

  3. Your fourpatches looks great. this is so much fun and not as timeconsuming as I thought it would be. Can't wait to start with the greens :)

  4. I'm in Ohio too! I also had dificulty w not reading Bonnies instructions... actually cut squares and then in 1/2 but the squares were the wrong size for that! LOL luckily I am addicted to the fabric, and bought a lot. stuck the 64 triangles in to something for a later project.

  5. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!


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