Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Street Clue 2

Whew, finally got those flying geese cut and sewn and here is a sampling of my collection of approx. 135 geese.

I normally avoid making flying geese because they can be so fickle.  LOL, notice I said they are fickle and it has nothing to do with my skill and patience.

For the first time ever I tried the Easy Angle and Companion Angle rulers which  were pretty easy to use.  The rulers did slide every now and then  but that could have just been me and my inexperience with using them. 

Did I have any other problems?  You bet, but the problems were nothing compared to previous attempts at making flying geese.  Do I have some wonky geese?  Oh yes, and I am sure that some of my geese will have their beaks cut off once they take flight.

Want to get in on the mystery?  Join us on Easy Street where there is still plenty of time to get started.



  1. Your geese look good! Love the London quilt in your masthead and the kitty purse. Looks just like him!

  2. Great looking geese! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. I'll be back.

  3. Those geese look good to me! I used a paper pieced method for my geese. I have struggled with perfect points before, too ~

  4. Love your fabric choices! Your geese look great! I've had to argue with a few of mine, LOL! Your cats are cute!

  5. Great-looking geese!

    I had some problems with the rulers slipping a bit, too, which I also put down to my inexperience. I'm wondering about adding some of those grippy dot stickers you can get, to see if that helps.

  6. Looking great...some of my geese are wonky - that's just their nature! LOL

  7. I agree with the others about the rulers and your work look good....that one swirly purple is so psychedelic!


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