Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quilting Blah

Ever have one of those quilting blah days?  I'm having one today.  Temple Guardians continues to get quilted because it has to or at least I am feeling the pressure of getting it done.  I decided to quilt feathers in the areas between the blocks and it isn't as nice as I thought it would be.  Of course I am getting lots of practice quilting feathers, but yikes they are funky looking.  I have to laugh when I look at some of those plumes that are supposed to be tear-drop shaped and they are nothing of the sort.  So many of them look like q-tips which just isn't feather-y.  Diane Gaudynski wouldn't be proud of my feathers at all!  As the saying goes, practice, practice, practice and fingers crossed when the quilt is finished funky feathers won't be as noticeable.

Of course I am going to blame the cat for the goofy feathers since he is only one of many that helped on this project.

Sigh, back to quilting more feathers.



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  1. They look great from here. Don't be too hard on yourself! Ask yourself if they're the best you can do and take a lot of breaks when you're working on them.


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