Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quilting Temple Guardians

Temple Guardians is the name of the quilt that I am trying to get quilted and finished before mid-July.  I started the quilt in 2006 and finished putting it all together sometime in 2007.  I then started hand quilting the blocks and actually had three done with an echo quilt around each cat.  I realized it would take me forever to get quilted and decided to put it away for awhile.   The quilt sat on a shelf for five years and when I pulled it out I decided to rip out my hand stitching and machine quilt it.  I ripped my stitches, washed the backing again since it had lots of cat hair on it, replaced the cotton batting with wool batting since I really love wool and left it for a few more months.   Now is finally the time to get it quilted since I apparently love the pressure of a quilt show--LOL!

Temple Guardians is a BOM from Story Quilts and here is what it looks like all pinned and ready for quilting.

When I originally basted the top in 2007 I had lots of help.

And now that I am machine quilting it I still have help.

I have all but one block quilted with a simple meander and need to quilt each cat as well as the areas between the blocks.  I am at a loss as to what I want quilt in those areas though and that might be part of my problem as to why this project isn't getting done.  I am going to have to get busy sometime soon though as this needs to be done by July 8th for the UFO challenge at our quilt guild and the show is two weeks later. 

Oh, on this quilt I decided to use silk thread as my quilting thread and it seems to be going quite well. Thanks to Diane Gaudynski and her class at NQA a few years ago for teaching me all about the beauty of silk threads. 

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