Thursday, September 19, 2013

Everyday Pin Cushion

I loved participating and visiting everyone's blog in the Pin It! blog hop.  Thanks to all of those who visited my blog and left comments, they are all appreciated.  I thought I would show you my everyday pin cushion.  I made it several years ago and I still love it. 

I love using selvedges to make pin cushions and want to make a few other things some day as well.  The selvedges are from cat fabrics and British-themed fabrics and of course it is filled with crushed walnut shells. 

I used to use the standard yellow bead head pin as quilting pins and about 13 years ago I discovered Clover flower head pins  and made the switch.  I loved those pins for years until I found Clover made a super fine flower head pin and I feel in love and can hardly stand to use any other pin. 

I recently heard Clover makes a skinny pin with a bead head and lots of quilters are starting to use, and love, those pins.  I love my flower head pins so much I am pretty sure I won't make the switch but I sure want to compare/contrast the two some day.

Fully loaded and ready to sew.
Be sure to stop back on Friday, September 27th as I will be sharing some wool items in the Wool Lovers blog hop at Pieced Brain  See you then!




  1. I love your use for selvages! And I need to get some of those pins...they look great!
    Love, Snoodles

  2. I have been going to make a selvedge pincushion for a while , I love this one and those pins look great . Look forward to your wool project , I have to get busy for that hop too:-)


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