Saturday, June 21, 2014

Golden Spools

It is Saturday and that must mean posting something for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  It has been a very busy and stressful two weeks so I haven't done much sewing.  To top it off I took my machine in for a little cleaning and tweaking so that also contributed to not getting much done.  Here is the grand total of my Sunshine!

Can you believe Coconut "allowed" me to lay these blocks on her and was patient enough for a photo!  Okay not a great photo, but at least you get my drift.

Here is a little more Sunshine for the month.
Gotta love an orange cat!




  1. A little sewing Sunshine is better than none! Your yellow spools look nice & cheerful. And yes, I'm a fan of orange cats, too!

  2. Some weeks are busier than others, but I'm glad you found a bit of time to sew.

  3. What a contortionist! Great little spools. Love those little black ants. Lovely whimsical fabrics.

  4. Love your little spools. Hopefully this week will be less stressful.

  5. Between your kitties and your sewing getting thru some stressful time is possible. Hope life gives you a break this week. Love your pics.

  6. Those cats are adorable! So much fun to have company when we sew - the spools are great.

  7. Your blocks and kitties are sunny and beautiful ... :) Pat


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