Saturday, June 7, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

Golden yellow is the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for June.  At first I was ready to dive in and make a few scrappy spools but then I thought "Ahhhh, I really need to get back to Celtic Solstice" and golden yellow is perfect since I needed to make a bunch of those pinwheels.
I have avoided Celtic Solstice for months and I was really surprised at how much I had already done so it worked out perfect for this week.  In fact, I have even started finishing those pesky chevrons too and so you may see them next week LOL.  I am going to try and squeeze in a few scrappy spools as well.

When I was working on my little pinwheels Miss Coconut decided she had to participate.  She is such a lovely cat and is a wonderful bit of sunshine in my life.

I also wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who visited my blog and left a message last month.  I really appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment.  It has been an incredibly busy time with painting the dining room, starting my summer job which kicks my butt, and all of the regular stuff that goes on in life and with my best intentions I didn't get to thank each of you personally.  So, thank you very much!

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done. Well I just noticed I posted the wrong link for the month--sorry about that!  I am going to try again and hopefully I will be successful.




  1. I can't imagine trying to sew with such a furry little helper. What a sweetie! Great way of working yellow into your ongoing projects -- so efficient.

  2. Such a beautiful little helper you have there! I'd be afraid of sewing a paw.

  3. Miss Coconut looks really sweet! You'll love your CS when it's done. I know I do. Michele just finished quilting my Smith Mountain Morning and it's awesome! It won't be done Monday, however. Boo!

  4. Love the pic of Miss Coconut! I'm not done with my Celtic Soltice either. Can't wait to see your Smith Mountain Morning. That one is on my bucket list. I'm in NE Ohio too. We have sooo much in common!

  5. Beautiful kitty and she looks like a great quilty helper.
    I have not finished my Celtic Solstice. I got all the steps done on time right up to the last set of block units and then got distracted and have not managed to get it back under the presser foot ... someday ... ;) Pat


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