Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seasonal Pin Cushions

Many years ago I made some Halloween/seasonal pin cushions for a friend and she uses them all of the time.  Of course she has other pin cushions as well, but these are always in her drawer fully loaded with pins and ready to use.

These little pin cushions are made from recycled wool and are stuffed with polyfill which isn't my preferred filling but at the time that was all that was available. The face features were fused on and those areas are extremely hard and almost impossible to stick a pin in.  I am not a fan of fusing and I don't do any unless I absolutely have to and I wish I had done something differently for these guys especially since my friend actually uses them. 

Oh, the black cat isn't really a Scottish Fold, but he was jammed in the pin cushion drawer and his little ears bent.  



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