Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rescue Me

When Lilypad Quilting announced a "Rescue Me" party I knew I wanted to join the fun.  You can too so why not jump in and share your story!

All of my cats are rescues in one way or another.  I could go on and on with stories about all of my cats, but for this post I thought I would share my cat Boo's story. 

In 2005 I was volunteering at my local shelter and working the front desk which is not a fun job especially at a small rural shelter.  At the end of the day the phone rang and the caller said she wanted to surrender a stray, sick cat the next day but she lived in a neighboring county and I had to tell her we couldn't take out-of-county cats.  When the caller told me the cat was really sick and she thought he was a Himalayan I knew I had to help in some way because I absolutely love Persian cats.  What are the odds that I would be the one to answer that particular call?  I followed her home and found the most pitiful black Persian cat and I knew I had to take him with me come hell or high water. 
Can you believe these photos?  As soon as I picked him up I called my veterinarian and took him in for evaluation and they were shocked at his condition as well.  He had the worst case of fleas and he ended up staying at the clinic for a couple of days where he got a complete spa treatment, testing, and vaccinations.  Luckily he was already neutered so apparently he was a house pet at some point in time.
Poor Boo!  My veterinarian wasn't sure if he would ever grow hair back but he certainly has and he has become a much loved part of our family.  He even helps out with quilting every now and then.
Boo is very sweet and loving.  He purrs up a storm and drools when he is very happy on your lap.  He does have one behavior that is a bit odd and that is he likes to suck on your earlobes!  Weird I know. 

Well that's Boo's story.  I hope you are as amazed at his transition as I am.





  1. Boo's fate was certainly destined to find you.

  2. Amazing story! You did an absolutely wonderful thing. :-)

  3. This kitty was just in hiding with no fur, got to go to a loving home and "BOO" out pops a gorgeous kitty....giggle.

  4. What a sweet story....and Boo looks like a sweet quilting buddy! Thanks for sharing in our linky party!

  5. Amazing. She looks so healthy now. : )

  6. Wow, the difference is amazing. Just goes to show what some care and attention can do! She looks very healthy and happy!

  7. you just knew,... now the sucking on earlobes is odd but I'll bet endearing. So magical the connection between you and Boo. I have a standard poodle who writes posts now and then. LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!

  8. Oh my... what a beauty! Boo has amazing eyes and is lucky to have found you.


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