Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sample Jack Attack

I spent the weekend working on a sample block of Jack Attack.  I am sure glad I did because I didn't follow the directions as closely as I should have.  First, I used a directional print and didn't pay any attention to which direction it should be going, oh well.  Then I made a few sewing mistakes and had a block that just didn't go anywhere except in the trash.  And I had to re-sew a few seams but in the end I did get one nice big block done.  I guess I should feel pretty good about getting it actually completed because I am feeling a bit sinus-y today and I am sure that affected all of my goofy decisions--LOL!

I plan on making a few more blocks soon, but I really need to sort through some stash to find fabrics that I think will work a little better.  This block is destined to be a quilt for the kitties as they always need a quilt of their own and it will work out well on the back of my couch too.

Interested in making your own Union Jack?  Lily has all of the instructions posted here Jack Attack.


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